5 Myths About “Gun Free” Zones

In light of the Orlando shootings, I wanted to re-share an article that I wrote after the Oregon […]

Situational Awareness & Immediate Action Drills

One of the things that makes the US military so effective is the use of immediate action drills.

Immediate […]

Eyes In The Back Of Your Head Situational Awareness

One of the first lessons that you hear when you start learning about situational awareness is to position […]

How to Shoot Better, In A Shorter Amount of Time

The other day, I was talking with someone about what I did and I was having a hard […]

Syrian Refugees–Connecting the dots from England to South Africa to America

I was at the IDPA World (Pistol) Championships last week in Tulsa and had the chance to talk […]

Books I’m reading now (SitAware & Brain Chemicals)

Ox here…I’m on the road right now and am reading a couple of great books that I want […]

Training with others, higher level training, and calibers

Last week, I was interviewed for George Shepherd’s Survival Summit on a few firearms topics related to survival […]

Gun Control ALWAYS Works, But For Who?

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, brought to you by the Concealed Carry Masters *LIVE* Course, which combines state […]

THE Secret To Winning Gunfights and Other Violent Attacks

It’s said that speed is fine, but accuracy is final.

And, most people training for defensive situations spend the […]

Chemical Hack to Shoot Better Faster

People are busier today than they ever have been, and shooters are no exception.

We’ve got a billion dollar […]