Beyond 20/20 Vision At Any Age

Roughly 80% of the sensory input that the brain gets comes from the eyes.

Vision is key to keep […]

300 AAC Blackout 208 gr Subsonic A-Max from Freedom Munitions

A few weeks ago, Freedom Munitions sent me some of their 208 grain A-Max remanufactured subsonic .300 blackout […]

Blog: Counter-Ambush (mugging) Response For Non-Tactical Loved Ones

I’ve got a great quick video for you today from retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch, and his former […]

Countering The Myths of Gun Violence

As I was preparing this article, I realized that a lot of what I wanted to say had […]

Maximizing Your Performance Under Stress

Ox here…

Whether you found us because of a desire to be more prepared or to shoot better, there’s […]

Alternative Tools For TBI and PTSD

Ox here.  This article originally ran after the 2015 SHOT Show and the release of the movie, “American […]

Myth of the 21 Foot Rule (+ 2 other common training myths)

We might very well be at the best time in the history of firearms training.  Thousands of individuals, […]

Glocks, Grip Angles, and Picking Handguns for Combat & Self Defense

I like Glocks.  That statement is guaranteed to divide the audience.  Keep reading, even if you don’t like Glocks because […]