Yesterday, there was an active shooter alert at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

The alert told people at the hospital to “Run, Hide, or Fight!”

I had mixed emotions.

On one hand, I had a sense of dread for the potential victims and thought, “here we go again.”

At the same time, I felt proud and excited for the people in the medical center who answered the call to fight.  And I was proud and excited that the call went out to fight…instead of people being told to cower, pee their pants, throw cans, beg, or other ineffective PC advice for dealing with violence.

The alert ended up being unnecessary.  They didn’t find a shooter or any sign of shots fired and didn’t announce what made the noise.

But it brings up the question…what would you do in an active shooter situation?

Run, Hide, or Fight?

Your answer is your answer.  It’s neither right nor wrong.  And it will probably depend on the situation.

If I was with my kids and could, we’d run.

If I was with my kids and couldn’t run, I’d hide and prepare to fight.

If the shooter was between me and my kids, I’d fight.

If you’re going to fight, what is your plan?

Criminals love “unarmed victim zones” so there’s a decent chance that you won’t be armed in an active shooter situation.

Here’s 5 tools/techniques for defeating an active shooter when you don’t have a gun-

1. Swarming.  Multiple committed people effectively attacking a shooter is an incredibly effective technique for stopping a shooter.  When you have your “Let’s Roll” moment, everyone’s got to accept the fact that they’re probably getting shot regardless of whether they fight or not.  But if they fight, there’s a chance that they won’t…and that they’ll be able to stop the attack.  If you choose this route, attack simultaneously and from multiple angles, yelling and screaming.  Speed, surprise, and violence of action along with full commitment and numerical superiority tips the odds in your favor.

2. Fire Extinguisher.  “Spray them with the white stuff and hit them with the red thing.” -Clint Smith.  Fire extinguishers are incredible improvised weapons.  If you work in a school or an office, consider putting 1 or 2 fire extinguishers in every classroom or office.  Sheeple won’t be scared of them, and “fire safety” is an easier budget item to get approved than “active shooter/terrorist/zombie defense.”

3. Flagpole/broom handle.  If you have access to these, try to break it near one end so that you end up with 1 or more sharp points instead of the nice finished end that it’ll normally have.  If you have a shot at an attacker from behind, swing the stick downwards at a 45 degree angle as if you’re swinging through the side of their neck.  There is a nice bunch of nerves there that will cause their blood pressure to tank and the to lose control of their body and fall to the ground in a fraction of a second.  It’s a nerve strike and it’s not a guaranteed strike, but it’s not based on pain and does work with drugged, drunk, and deranged attackers.  Otherwise, use the stick like a spear.

4. Sock & weight/paperweight.  Ever seen the movie “Full Metal Jacket?”  Remember where the recruits put soap & batteries in their socks and beat another recruit in his bed?  It’s a very effective improvised weapon.  Just take off your sock, put something heavy in it (a rock, paperweight, or even a stapler) and swing for the head/neck.  The more people you have doing this at the same time, the better.

4a. Shirt & weight/paperweight.  Don’t have socks?  Take off your shirt and tie it so it’ll hold something heavy.  Too modest to take your shirt off?  If you don’t stop the threat, there’s a good chance your shirt will end up with one or more bullet holes in it and paramedics will rip it off anyhow.

5. Defensive Flashlight.  No matter whether you’ve got a purpose built or improvised tool for defense, a flashlight makes it more effective.  In many cases, it makes a better defensive tool than pepper spray, a Taser, knife, or even a gun…although all of these tools work together with a defensive flashlight to make the combination more effective than any of them on their own.

You can use a defensive flashlight as an impact weapon, use it as a distraction/disorientation device to attract the shooter’s attention so that someone can attack more effectively from an angle, or you can kill the lights and blind the shooter if you’ve got a high quality light and follow up with strikes.

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