Training vs. Practice 84 rounds to stop a threat

Some of my friends wonder why I’m so serious about pistol training. Their questions are usually combined with […]

Run, Hide, or Fight! (5 Techniques For Defeating Active Shooters)

Yesterday, there was an active shooter alert at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

The alert told people at the […]

2 Free Dry Fire Drills For The New Year

It has been a crazy few months in the firearms industry…

Gun sales records are being broken on a […]

Mental/Vision Hack To Put More Rounds On Target

Take a look at the picture below.

It’s a dot, surrounded by a “cloud of doubt.”

Now, take a deep […]

Hidden Reality Of Law Enforcement Accuracy after the San Bernardino shootings

Wednesday’s shootings in San Bernardino were horrible, but not surprising. Some of us have been attempting to prepare […]

Awesome Vagus Nerve Knockout Example You Need To Know

My wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this weekend and one of the things we did […]

Accuracy Versus Precision…from Scouts to SEALs

Today’s article is going to cover the “accuracy vs. precision” dilemma from two VERY different angles…first, teaching kids […]

Veterans Day Giveaway

Thanks to all Veterans today who have served our country, preserved freedom, and who gave the United States […]

Training Kindergarten Teachers To Use Violence


We’ve heard a lot about violence lately…

“Gun Violence”

“Violent Crime”

“Violent Altercation”

“Violent Video Games”

“Violent Sports”

“Violence on TV”


In fact, the message […]

After Action From Concealed Carry Masters Course Live

We held the first Concealed Carry Masters LIVE Course earlier this month and it was a tremendous success. […]